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COVID-19 Information

Dear Valued Customer,

The last few months have proved to be trying times for all of us. We sincerely hope that each and every one of our valued customer have managed to keep safe and have not been affected by COVID-19. As the nation begins preparations to move forward into the next phase of easing lockdown measures, we are delighted to announce that our salons will be reopening shortly, with our English locations opening their doors from the 18thth July and our Scottish salons shortly after, from the 22nd of July*. (Please see below for the full list of reopening dates)

All of our staff have been busy during lockdown undergoing complete Coronavirus training to ensure that they fully understand the virus, how it spreads and how we can prevent the spread. In line with this training, we have introduced a whole new safety protocol to minimise all risk.

We are very much looking forward to opening our doors again for all of your spa and beauty needs and would like to take the time to let you know the strict measures we will have in place in all salons, ensuring the utmost safety of our customers and staff members. These rules will be reviewed and altered regularly to ensure that they are in line with the most up-to-date government advice at all times.

All of our staff will be operating full social distancing within salons and we will only have a small number of therapists operating at any given time. The 2-meter rule will apply at all times and you will notice floor markings and visual guidance to aid this. When this is unavoidable due to the nature of our business, necessary PPE will be used as per government guidelines. 

We will be ensuring that each room is deep cleaned and disinfected in between each client to minimise any risk and new PPE will be provided for staff in between each client also. With this in mind, we ask all customers to understand that the gaps between appointments will be slightly longer so we can ensure that this is done to the highest possible standard.

Our bookings are now officially open. If you wish to book an appointment you can now head over to our app or our website to do so. All of our salons will now operate by appointment only and will no longer be able to take walk-in appointments. This ensures that we can monitor the number of people in the salon and adhere to all social distancing measures. We encourage booking well in advance as our slots are likely to fill up fast.

Following the latest government guidelines, not all of our usual treatments will be available in the first opening stages. This is due to the close contact required in order to administer select beauty treatments.

These guidelines differ between Scotland and England. This is the latest update:

England - Face treatments allowed to resume from Saturday, August 15. The new guidance states that all staff offering close contact services "should now wear a face mask (type 2 surgical), in addition to a clear visor that covers the face. This will help protect the customer and staff from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, or speaking.

Scotland - Face treatments can now resume with appropriate PPE in place. This means a face mask in addition to a clear face visor for the therapist, and a face covering for the client. As face covering are mandatory by law in Scotland, clients will also be asked to keep their face-covering throughout their visit at PURE. Your therapist will consult you on ways to adapt the treatment in ways that respect the legislation. 

The only treatment that remains restricted in both England & Scotland is eyelashes extensions due to its longer treatment time. Please note, we are still able to offer the Let's go Lashes. 

Each of our staff members has appropriate PPE, including gloves maks and visors and there are sanitising stations in each treatment room and in our reception area, which we encourage everyone to use regularly. All clients will be asked to sanitise their hands and wear a face-covering before entering the premises, disposable masks will be made available at the reception.

During this first phase of re-opening, we will also be operating with a Virtual Reception Team. This means that as you arrive for your appointment, our salon doors will be locked. You will be greeted at the time of your appointment by your therapist. If you are running late or have any issues, please give us a call on the 0343 507 1888 or email customerservices@purespauk.com. This process allows us to keep an exact count on the number of people in our salons.

24hrs prior to your appointment you will receive a digital consultation form & health questionnaire. We will need it to confirm your booking, if you have any difficulties completing this, please give us a call. For social distancing measure, you may receive a call from our virtual reception team if we need to slightly adjust the time of your appointment, we will also offer to take a pre-payment over the phone to avoid unnecessary contact at the payment stage.

Contact details will also be checked against our files in case we need to contact you post-treatment.

If you or anyone in your household feels unwell the evening before or day of your appointment you should contact us asap to cancel or re-arrange. Our cancellation policy is still suspended so there will be no fee if you can’t make it.

Please be aware that we will have no waiting areas at this time. With this in mind, we kindly ask that you turn up for all appointments alone and on time- if you arrive early for your appointment you will not be seen and if you arrive late we require notice, otherwise, you may be turned away. We will also no longer be taking cash payments to minimise the risk of spreading through contact, so if you wish to buy any of our products please ensure you can do so either digitally or by card/contactless payment.

If you have children and need to bring them along, we ask that you let us know when you speak with our Virtual Reception Team, we may be able to schedule you at the beginning or end of the day.  You are responsible for your children also adhering to social distancing guidelines in the salon.

During these current circumstances, there will not yet be any access to our spa facilities, including swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. Customers who are required to change for their treatment will do so inside their treatment room where we will provide disposable bags for you to keep your clothes, you are also welcome to bring your own along with you if you would prefer. There will also be limited access to our customer toilet facilities.

All details of this new client journey will be outlined clearly in your appointment confirmation and reminder emails. If you have any other questions about this our customer service team are available to chat to over at purespauk.com.

We hope that that this information has given you a good overview as to how our salons will operate in the upcoming weeks and you feel positive about the comprehensive health and safety guidelines we have in place to protect all customers and staff. We cannot wait to open our doors and resume catering to all the spa and beauty needs of our wonderful clients again.

If you have any queries please contact our customer service team on customerservices@purespauk.com or head over to our website to chat with a member of our team live.

Best Wishes, 

The Pure Spa & Beauty Team.


Contact hours for customer service:

Monday - Friday 9 to 8

Saturday 9 to 7

Sunday 9 to 6


Pure Spa Salons reopening dates:


Bristol:  18th July 

Peterborough David Lloyd: 25th July

Cheadle David Lloyd: 18h July

London, Purley: 18th July

London, Canary Wharf: 18th July

London, City of London: TBC



Edinburgh, Lothian Road: 22nd July

Edinburgh, Waterloo Place: TBC

Edinburgh, Newhaven David Lloyd: 10th August

Glasgow, Hamilton David Lloyd: 10th August

Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping centre: 22nd July 

Glasgow, West Nile Street: 22nd July 

Aberdeen, Union Square Shopping centre, 22nd July

Aberdeen, Cults: 22nd July


To keep up to date with all of these new processes, frequent updates will be made on this page.