Elemis spa massage and body therapies - cellulite therapy and reflexology
Elemis spa massage and body therapies - cellulite therapy and reflexology Elemis spa body treatments in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen Elemis spa massage and body therapies - cellulite therapy and reflexology
Elemis spa massage and body therapies - cellulite therapy and reflexology
Elemis body treatments in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow at PURE Spa Scotland

PURE Spa & Beauty Spa Massage Recommendations


PURE Spa turkish detox glow for a thorough deep cleanse, to exfoliate and moisturise the skin leaving you feeling relaxed and glowing!


Elemis exotic frangipani body wrap is a deeply relaxing and nourishing therapy, ideal to keep skin supple during pregnancy and avoid stretch marks.

All over therapy

The Elemis face and body sensation therapy encompasses a hot stone massage therapy with an Elemis advanced facial for an all over body therapy


Elemis body sculpting cellulite and colon therapy is a deep detoxing treatment that can rid your body of toxins and reduce fluid retention.

PURE Beauty Tips and Aftercare Advice

Body brushing is a great thing to do every morning before your bath or shower as it:

  • boosts blood circulation
  • increases lymphatic flow
  • relieves congestion and improves detoxification
  • regular brushing enhances skin texture and tone, removing dead skin cell build up
  • improves over all feeling and well-being, energy levels and boosts immunity
  • best remedy for ingrown hairs!
  • helps to disperse cellulite
  • improves absorption of product

Body brushing must be done dry, and if you look after you brush it will last a lifetime.

Body Treatment Reviews

Pre-holiday spa session was a Turkish delight
Daily Record, June 2008

Planning a summer holiday always means a lot more to me than stocking up on bikinis and tanning lotions. The diet started months ago and my exercise regime has been stepped up significantly in recent weeks. As for my skin, well that was a disaster after months hiding under jumpers and long sleeves to keep out the winter chills.

With my holiday a week away and the thought of baring my lumps, bumps and dry skin to the outside world, it was time for some serious action. I opted for a treatment at PURE Spa, which is a haven from the shopping frenzy at the massive Silverburn Centre in Glasgow. Situated on the first floor, it is a calm and welcoming salon that offers treatments ranging from deep tissue massage to body wraps, as well as an array of manicures, pedicures and facials.

My dull and tired skin seemed the perfect excuse for me to enjoy the Spa Turkish Detox Glow. This involved the therapist Raj applying salt scrub to my body for a deep and stimulating exfoliation, followed by an overall soap lather to cleanse. Following a shower to rinse away the salt, a gorgeous oil with the scents of ginger and lemon was drizzled over my skin before an invigorating massage, which not only eased my aching muscles, but left my skin glowing and tingling.

Afterwards I chilled out in the relaxation area and enjoyed a glass of fresh fruit juice, almost drifting off to sleep.

Morrocan Mud Wrap
Mercy Breheny – The Scotsman, June 2011
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Entering Pure’s treatment rooms at Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal is a bit like stepping through a portal into another dimension. One minute you’re in a busy mall with all the commotion and carryon that entails, the next you’re in an exquisite, softly lit, sybaritic cocoon, experiencing, with any luck, one of the many relaxing treatments the spa offers. I plumped for the intriguing-sounding Moroccan Mud Wrap, a therapy involving a mineral-rich mud bath, designed to remove toxins from the body and leave skin peachy soft. Proceedings kicked off with a soothing foot bath followed by a head-to-toe exfoliation, which my therapist Thara administered with scrubby mitts before applying the mud. When I was fully slathered in the stuff, Thara rolled me up in tin foil like a giant burrito and left me to infuse on the massage bed for a while, and to ensure I didn’t get too restless as the mud started to do its job, administered a lovely facial. I was chuffed to see that the spa uses Elemis products for facial skincare as I trust the brand with my slightly sensitive, spot-prone complexion. I was glad of the distraction as the mud slowly drying on my body started to prickle slightly, presumably as it was drawing the toxins out of my skin, as advertised. I was glad when the moment arrived to shower off the grey, by now flaking, and frankly quite itchy mud. In my fluffy white dressing gown I was led to the shower and left to my own devices to hose down. As someone who doesn’t have a shower at home I always relish the chance to linger under a good power shower. Thara probably wondered what on earth was taking me so long. Pink and glowing, I returned to the massage bed, where Thara worked lashings of indulgent argan oil (prized in Morocco for its anti-ageing properties) into my receptive skin. This was the highlight of the therapy – a heavenly relaxing treat after the tin foil and mud experience. At the end of the treatment, there’s the added bonus of a nice long lounge in the relaxation area. Clients are encouraged to take their time over a herbal tea or fruit juice. The lights are low, the day beds are comfy and those dressing gowns are truly fluffy. I suspect I rather outstayed my welcome, so relaxed was I, but if I did the staff certainly didn’t let on.

PURE Spa & Beauty have four great locations in Scotland, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.


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